Julien Ceccaldi 9/3/2013


Julien is a french-canadian based artist from Montreal. He was born in Canada in 1987 and currently works with many mediums like drawing, painting, and installations.  He completed his BFA at Concordia University in 2009 and since than has been shown around the world.  Some of his recent shows have been at Mathew Gallery in Berlin, Bodega Gallery in Philadelphia, FOFA Gallery in Montreal, and at the Redbird Gallery in Montreal.  He also produces unique pieces painting on garments and accessories which are hand-painted and presented as works of mass production.  The narrative portrayed on the clothes and in his comics are centered on muscular manga heroines attempting the facade of a thriving, desirable self.  

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Otis VAL Professor: Soo Kim
TA: Christian Alvarez and Grace Eunchong Lee